Huge thank you to Cheri Yazzie for helping me simplify my plans for a live event I'm planning in a few weeks! If you ever have questions or need support around launching a new program, creating evergreen content, or making business simpler, hire her team! This is what one of her businesses focuses on and they are SO good at it!

Parijat Deshpande

Author: Pregnancy Brain

I've been really overwhelmed by All The Things and really needed help sorting through my next moves. I booked a 3 hour session with Cheri and it couldn't have come at a better time, I had spent the day really down, wondering if I was on the right path, if this online business thing could ever work, generally feeling sorry for myself.

Spending time with Cheri, even virtually, is basically a warm hug. We started our planning session with some energy work which I wasn't expecting and really needed! Then she guided me through my business step by step, giving me so much clarity and actionable next steps to see things through.

By the end, All The Things felt super manageable, there was a swing in my step that remains today, and I had a solid game plan for my business. I can't recommend working with Cheri highly enough, and I will definitely be back for more as I grow and change!

Thank you so much Cheri!

Caroline Connor